Shreya Chopra

Hi, I'm Shreya Chopra (she/her). 

I'm a motivated and open-minded designer and researcher passionate about responsible design through the lens of design thinking, systems thinking, strategy and foresight. 

Note: This website is currently in the process of being updated. 

Experience Map

This is a visual summary of my experience and projects.  

Click here  to see some of my project work. 

Side projects

The Future Fiction Podcast

A podcast I host where I write or curate and share future and critical design fiction, have discussions about critical and speculative design and futures thinking to help envision alternate visions of the future. Click here to check it out. Its available on most streaming platforms!

Reflections and critical perspective

I like to reflect on my learnings from the design of the everyday world. Sometimes I just like to reflect on the absurdity of human behaviour as well! Click here to check out my blogs/articles. 

Workshops and design talks

I like to facilitate workshops on design thinking and sometimes even share my project work with a wider design community through design talks. 

Data diaries

Visual data diaries from my life.

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